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Where is Levee on the Lake being held in 2023?

All events are in historic (Middle) Sackville, New Brunswick. You can take the Walker Road exit if you are coming from Moncton or exit 506 if you are coming from Halifax / PEI. Our Thursday night Pig & Promenade is up at The Music Barn on Station Road and all other events are on or adjacent to Lillas Fawcett Park in the area between Morice Drive, Pondshore Drive and Folkins Road. We would like to again thank the Fawcett Family (Judy Fawcett) for the use of her field for the inaugural levee in 2020. 

Why are there road closures Saturday ?

In order to facilitate a safe area for people to walk between venues and to allow for maximum social distancing, Main Street just over the bridge and before Pondshore will be closed up to just before Morice Drive, will have temporary closures over the event.  The triathalon and duathlon both take place in the morning and the levee starts on Saturday at 12:30 PM so barricades go about close to 8 AM and come down once the area clears when the show is over at 5:30 PM on Saturday August 21. We want families, seniors and just everyone to be able to stroll around and enjoy the live music and culture safely. We also wanted to deter traffic from driving to the area and idling cars, creating congestion and creating hazards for emergency vehicles should they be required. Again barricades go up 8:00 AM Saturday Aug 20 and come down sometime after 5:30 PM when the area is clear of pedestrians.

Water Craft & Boat Launch

Best route is to come from Town and take Main Street down towards the lake turning left on Morice Drive. You can launch your boat and will be instructed where to park your car, trailer etc. We suggest at least two people for motorized boats so someone can go park. There is a mobility launch as well at the Town of Sackville Boat Ramp.

What about people who live in the closure area?

This year there are no houses affected by the Levee closures.

Do I need a boat this year?

Our MainStage Lakeside stage is at the edge of the lake across from Lillas Fawcett Park in the pumping station lot so you should be able to boat, swim, paddle AND walk and sit in your own lawn chair or on the grass or even on the beach and enjoy the free stage in a socially distant safe capacity. We strongly encourage the spirit of the original event and so you should definitely come by canoe! For people with lawn chairs you may sit along the road but will be directed by our staff where to do so and advise the evacuation plan should emergency vehicles need to access that road at anytime. We have to be able to move quickly so no shade tents etc...just lawn chairs or bag chairs.

Is the Levee free?

The MainStage levee is free yes! It takes place Saturday August 19 at 12:30 pm until 5:30 pm. We have also added Sunday events; The Cattail Ceilidh at 1:00 PM and The Silver Lake Sessions under the tent at Lillas Fawcett Park which are also free at 7:00 pm Sunday August 20.  We have four ticketed events Thursday, Friday and Saturday nights that you should check out as well. Please remember Friday and Saturday are 19+ events as we are operating a bar service under the tent. All our workshops during Friday - Sunday are free as well but they require registration in advance. 

I want to volunteer at the Levee!

Please email us at leveeonthelake@gmail.com as we love having volunteers. You can also complete the online form on this site.

Do I need to bring a chair to the Levee?

We suggest you bring a lawn chair to the Levee events just in case you want to stake your own spot. It's summer so you should always have a lawn chair right? See details on the ticketing page for each event.

What about parking? 

For those without mobility issues we suggesting biking or walking the trail to the event for sure. It's a great trail.  We also have parking at various spots around the site.

If you are being dropped off we suggest coming via Folkins or Church as there is a drop off area just infront of The Church by the Lake. There will be some mobility parking at Church by the Lake and the Boat Ramp on a first come first serve basis with appropriate signage on your vehicle. General public parking can occur along Morice Drive and Church Road but please do not block drive ways or access or fire hydrants. Respect the property around the park.

We will also have first come first serve parking (with our attendant) at the mailboxes, The Church by the Lake and we are working to secure other areas.

With any beach or public park, with mobility parking, it is still sometimes difficult to get to the park area. We will do our best to accommodate but it is a beach area so please plan accordingly or call us in advance to discuss.

What about food?

We will have community BBQ fundraiser set ups, cotton candy, popcorn, a food truck and a canteen for snacks.

What if it rains?

If the weather is torrential and winds over 20km than the Saturday afternoon Levee moves to Sunday and we flip flop Sunday afternoon events. Fingers crossed we don't have to do this. All the evening events go rain or shine in the tent and barn.

ANY QUESTIONS CAN BE DIRECTED TO levee office@gmail.com or leveeonthelake@gmail.com