Because the show must row on...

A floating audience for a live band

Three successful levees happened July 18, Aug 15 and Sept 12 on Silver Lake infront of a live audience because we believe in the art and importance of live music. We believe there is always a way. Thank you for supporting this initiative that paid 15 bands, 2 production companies and over 200 cultural workers directly and indirectly during a pandemic. We will continue to find ways to bring live music to New Brunswickers through our work with The Intangible Culture and Heritage Council of New Brunswick; a new non-profit dedicated to just this very thing. More activities to be announced in the coming weeks. Thank you again. #hopefloats

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Souvenir Shirt from the inaugural Levee on the Lake 2020! An emergency response for the live music sector in New Brunswick. All funds go to The Intangible Culture and Heritage Council of New Brunswick to continue supporting live music here at home. Only Large and XL available. Image is white beaver logo on front and sponsors on back.

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