Live music is in danger. During the pandemic many musicians, agents, managers, sound and lighting techs, stage crew and more have lost their jobs. To date there is no end in sight the closures for large festival and concerts which support these jobs. We get it. Folks need to be safe. Community transmission is scary. BUT thanks to the generous support of the teams below, families who rely on arts jobs will receive a paycheque from Levee on the Lake and YOU can enjoy their incredible skills for free. This is simply not possible without the generosity we've experienced. Can you help? Why should you help? If you love live music you can support the levee by clicking on the donate link below or you can buy an artist CD or participate in a tip jar but if you are on hard times too....then please just enjoy and CLAP SUPER LOUD. That is literally music to our ears right now.

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THank you to our sponsors for 2020


Thank you to Judy Fawcett and family for the generous donation of their land for our stage.