Because the show must row on...

A floating audience for a live band

If you take your boat, kayak, row boat, paddle board or rubber raft to Silver Lake in Sackville, New Brunswick this summer, you will hear amazing sounds broadcast over the water!

Respecting social distancing regulations, the most current emergency measures act and boating regulations, doesn't mean we can't hear and see live music. 

We are erecting a full festival stage on the edge of the lake, on private property so if you'd like to hear the have to paddle for it. Thank you to Judy Fawcett & family for the generous use of their land.

There will be safety patrols on the water and a great adventure for all. The best part is it is completely free and being paid for by corporate and private sponsors in our region.

Artists, sound techs and coordinators are going to receive their first pay cheques in months and we are so grateful. It's a win win, made in New Brunswick.

We can't call it a festival. We can't call it a concert. So we will call it a miracle.

Be part of our live music miracle and share the joy from the safety of your personal water craft.


JULY 18 SACKVILLE - completed

AUGUST 15 SACKVILLE - check out the lineup on our WHO page!

SEPTEMBER 12 SACKVILLE - line up to be announced